How To Brew Coffee Using A French Press

ray brayx 6 months ago 0

The French Press is one of the oldest coffee tools that exist in this world. Through a tool called coffee as well as Coffee Press we can make a cup of coffee with a very easy way. In this article we will discuss how to brew black coffee using a French press.

The advantages of the French press
There are a few main reasons that make many people use this tool every day. In addition to having the results of a good BREW, you can get some advantages from the french press following.

- Easy to use
- Easy to clean
- Affordable price
- The results of a good BREW
- It can also be used to make a tea or steam milk
- Has a lot of interesting shapes

Coffee tools is also very easy to use by anyone even for a first time you know the tools. In the brewing coffee using the coffee press you can do through a few easy steps below. Let's get started!

How to make French Press Coffee ???
1. Prepare the French press and the coffee beans will be used.

2. Ground coffee beans at level rough (Coarse).

3. prepare hot water with a temperature of about 91 – 96 (° C)

4. Input into french press coffee powder and then pour hot water in accordance to your coffee measure 5. use. I advise you to use the ratio of coffee (1:18) 10 g of coffee powder with 180 ml of water.

5. Then close and seduh for 4 minutes

6. once brewed for four minutes press filter to filter the coffee powder

7. The last stage you can simply pour the coffee into the cups of coffee that you have set up.